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Most of the trips on this website begin with rubber on pavement and an oldies song on the radio. But not on this page! This page is for the trips that begin with a plane flight to someone else’s city.

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Bear Peak

My cousins and family had come to A-town (Anchorage) for a week, and so amongst other Southcentral Alaska things such as Flat Top, Gold Chord Lake, and Crow Creek gold panning, we made arrangements to spend some time in Seward. Now; Seward is no stranger to tourism, thanks to a lovely blend of both natural…

A collection of trips from 2014

2014 is when the world of peakbagging began for me. I was an Eagle Scout at this point so I was pretty versed with following a trail, camping, boiling mountain house, and repeating it the next day. The level of peakbagging I do now comes with more risks, challenges, and joys and I love the…

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