Bivouac Peak

There isn’t a whole lot I have to say about this trip other than lessons were learned, I’ll be back for this one someday (soon?), and when I come back for attempt No. 2 I’ll bring a bivy sack instead of a tent (maybe the name of the mountain is a clue!).

One more failed winter trip in my ever-growing quiver of failed winter trips. This time the lackluster was shared with Sawyer Huffman on the weekend of February 21st 2021. Some things weren’t helping us in our attempt:

-Poor boot fit. (Both of us have new boots now. Scarpa Maestrale RS’s, which I love with all my heart now).

-Bringing a pull sled when we could’ve made everything fit in backpacks. (The decision to use a pull sled was only because we wanted to practice using it, not because we thought it would help -and it didn’t).

-And we slept in on summit day. (NEVER SLEEP IN ON SUMMIT DAY!).

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