Old Snowy and the 8750’s

The weather forecast was spelling out a bunch of bluebird days in the deltas. As Fairbanks mountaineers know all too well, this basically never happens. So Zack Seimsen and I took a Monday and Friday off work to capitalize on it. Strangely enough, the weather forecast didn’t deteriorate and we were even blessed with aContinue reading “Old Snowy and the 8750’s”

Fairbanks Aurora Hunting

And so I find myself bouncing, literally, north on Sheep Creek Road. North! Away from the sun, away from the city. Here cometh darkness my old friend. I line myself up on a straight section of road then I quickly turn off my headlights to check on the aurora. Click! Instant darkness. It’s nothing fancy or fast, but there is a big, green swath. A half second later; click! I turn my lights back on and make sure I’m still in my lane. I am. There is this one turn on Sheep Creek that…

November and December: little odds and ends in the Fairbanks area

The drive to get outside comes so naturally during the summer months. But after a long summer rallying as a weekend warrior, I wake up and find that its November, the air is -20oF, and the sun sets at 4:30pm now. As much as I’d like to, I just can’t go out and do asContinue reading “November and December: little odds and ends in the Fairbanks area”