Brooks Range Express 2.0

3 Peaks, one Memorial day weekend. In similar fashion to the maiden voyage, Myself, Sophia Tidler, Gerrit Verbeek, Chelsea Grimstad, and her two dogs, Kiva and Bean, hopped aboard the Brooks Range Express (my truck) on a non-refundable ticket to the North North.

Peak 5350 (Talkeetna Mountains)

The ski down the west face was great and giddy. Spring skiing is vibe. At 3100′ we came to an island of tundra and made it our home for the night. We walked barefoot on the tundra, its feel and smell issuing a nostalgia for the soon-to-be season; summer.

Truth Peak

It was a Sanford attempt that fell apart due to an unpleasant weather forecast for the upcoming week. The reality that Sanford wouldn’t have happened was later cemented by boot fit issues for 2 out of the 5 in our party. But since we had already ventured nearly 20 miles deep (by snow machine), TruthContinue reading “Truth Peak”